07.03.2024 – 07.04.2024

The exhibition SúnPoíēsis: From Ego- to Eco-Centrism through Art will be shown at Kunsthalle Trier from 7 March 2024 to 7 April 2024.

“SúnPoíēsis” originates from the ancient Greek words sún [with, together] and poíēsis [creation, production], signifying the idea of “making-with” or “becoming-with.” .

The exhibition delves into issues stemming from the separation of humanity from nature. It explores exactivism, marine degradation, sustainability, and the concepts of place and belonging. The show aims to frame these concerns within the broader context of sympoiesis.

Donna Haraway elucidates that sympoiesis means ‘making-with,’ emphasizing that nothing is inherently self-generated or self-organizing. According to Haraway, sympoiesis highlights the radical notion that in the intricate, dynamic, responsive, situated, and historical systems, nothing exists in isolation. It is a term suited for the collaborative process of ‘worlding-with,’ existing in companionship.

In alignment with this perspective, the exhibition serves as a transformative space that challenges the conventional understanding of reality. Recognizing that the world comprises diverse ontologies and ways of being, the exhibition aligns with the idea that reality is constituted not by a singular universe but by many kinds of worlds. This departure from the Western modern(ist) humanist tradition, which emphasizes human exceptionalism and instrumentalism towards nonhumans, marks a deliberate cultural shift.

Lana Stojićević, Black Hill
Echinoidea future – Adriatic sensing by Robertina Sebjanic at Ars Eletronica 2022, photo by Miha Godec
Echinoidea future – Adriatic sensing by Robertina Sebjanic at Ars Eletronica 2022, photo by Miha Godec

Meet the artist: Robertina Šebjanič

17:00 Uhr

Brunch & Guided Tour in English

11.30 AM

Performance: The Tree that Falls in the Forest

18:00 Uhr

Opening SúnPoíēsis: From Ego- to Eco-Centrism through Art

6 pm

After Party: Long Night of Art Trier

23.00 Uhr

Guided Tour & Brunch


Thirsty Thursday

18.00 Uhr

In collaboration with the Museum of Conteporary Art of Istria, Pula, Croatia

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