The Tree that Falls in the Forest
Elena Victoria Pastor


18.00 Uhr

We cordially invite you to the performance “The Tree that Falls in the Forest” on Thursday, March 7, 2024, at 6 p.m. in the Kunsthalle Trier!

“The Tree that Falls in the Forest” is an imaginary sound landscape from 2024, created by Elena Victoria Pastor.

Amidst the fragility of our world, there is a web of infinite relationships. Whether known or unknown, we influence each other, even when human senses cannot grasp it.

Can our limited minds comprehend these interpersonal entanglements? Or can our memory grasp them beyond all mental boundaries?

In a free improvisation with vocal interludes, Elena Victoria takes us into the depths of the Amazon. There she creates an imaginary soundscape and explores the hidden connections that make up the essence of our environment.

We look forward to your attendance!

Free admission!

Elena Victoria Pastor, 2024 Foto: Pedro Torres

Elena Victoria Pastor (b. 1982) is an artist originally from Venezuela who immigrated to Europe in 2014 and has been based in Hamburg since 2018. Currently, her interest lies in seeking bridges, intersections, and connections between seemingly distant perspectives, such as the worldviews of indigenous communities in the Amazon and the philosophical ecosophical thought of central Europe. Through this exploration, she aims to deconstruct the anthropocentric gaze and foster an integrative horizontality that opens up possibilities for action with a smaller ecological footprint.

Her work has been exhibited in various international venues, including Performance Arts Links in Stockholm, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Sofia Art Week in Bulgaria, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Museum of Modern Art Jesus Soto, Museum of Contemporary Art MACZUL, International Performance Studies Conference PSi28 Johannesburg, National Gallery of Arts Caracas, Casa de América in Madrid, Sammlung Falckenberg of Deichtorhallen Hamburg and an auction with Annie Leibovitz at VAEA New York.

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst Istriens, Pula, Kroatien

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