20.00 – 23.00 

Interactive performance
ContextCocktail: Orgia

continuous 20.00 to 23.00

Participatory long-term performance: an opulent vegan orgy by the art collective ContextCocktail.

An opulent vegan orgy based on the original meaning of the ancient “Orgia”, an ecstatic ceremony. Meat & lust on the one hand and veganism & abstinence on the other. Meat consumption is closely linked to a patriarchal, heteronormative idea of power, potency and individual autonomy – veganism is the submissive, restrictive counterpart to this.

Vegan or the renunciation of meat is also representative of the renunciation that is demanded of the individual in order to overcome social crises.

What does this renunciation mean for different social actors? Who has the financial and time resources in our profit and competition-oriented world to consume 100% vegan, climate-neutral or generally ethically correct? And why do we place all responsibility in the hands of the individual?

Let’s turn the narrative around. Let’s not talk about renunciation and listlessness, but about a euphoric, active, collective turnaround.

Visitors become part of a ceremonial, interactive performance that contrasts hedonism, physical pleasure and seduction with political and social questions about power and distributive justice, the climate crisis and individual responsibility.

Free admission
Admission is free of charge.
Free shuttle bus.
After party admission 5 €.


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in collaboration with Herrlich Ehrlich

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ContextCocktail is a fluid art and culture collective that works on the themes of queerness, feminism, community building and the questioning of social norms.