14.09. – 15.10.2023

International art exhibition with artists of the younger generation as part of the Rhineland-Palatinate Summer of Culture on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Kunsthalle Trier.

The exhibition “Thirties” at the Kunsthalle Trier is a gripping tour through the multifaceted forms of artistic expression of seven international artists.

Amandine Arcelli, Eva L’Hoest, Ludovic Landolt, Nika Schmitt, Mara Thoussaint, Sarah Minutillo and Antoine Waterkeyn explore the intersection of art and sensory perception with a variety of media and techniques. The exhibition series “Thirties” focuses on young artists from the Greater Region whose creative work is strongly influenced by their geographical migration within Western Europe, shaping their connection to the regional cultural heritage and fostering the development of their distinctive visual language.

The exhibition features a range of traditional and multimedia art forms. Amandine Arcelli combines traditional construction techniques with everyday materials to create captivating new sculptures. Eva L’Hoest’s installation takes viewers on a fascinating digital journey that transcends the boundaries of time and memory. Mara Thoussaint masterfully crafts still lifes that question the aesthetics of materiality, using the medium of painting. Sarah Minutillo’s meticulous reproductions of documents, rendered in a subtle, monochromatic palette, on the other hand, evoke an enigmatic and contemplative atmosphere. Antoine Waterkeyn’s colourful paintings defy traditional artistic presentation and appear as independent and autonomous objects. His life-size sculptural paintings invite visitors to become integral figures in his theatrical world.

Sound plays an importnat role in this exhibition through the works of Nika Schmitt and Ludovic Landolt. Schmitt deals with sound loops and self-destructive systems, combining unstable feedback systems with the basic principles of physics. Landolt uses sound as a transformative medium in his meditative installations, with sounds, sculpture and visual language merging fluidly.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a diverse supporting programme and an exclusive preview on Open Monument Day, 10 September 2023.

Amandine Arcelli, [atonal], 2019, rubber mats, straps, wood, sand, wood fibre, expanding foam © Amandine Arcelli