03.08. – 03.09.2023

Lecturer exhibition with guest artists

From August 3 to September 3, 2023, the international art exhibition PARIS – TRÈVES will be shown at the Kunsthalle Trier. The exhibition takes up the German-French dialogue with lecturers of the European Academy of Fine Arts and guest artists. Since the end of the 1970s, the founder of the academy, Prof. Erich Kraemer (1930-1994), promoted the exchange between artists from Germany and France. This mediation work is to be revisited in the exhibition and relationships activated in order to create intercultural impulses.

The exchange between France and Germany is an essential part of the common cultural heritage of these two countries. In the mid-20th century, Paris was an important center for German artists of informal art. Direct pioneers included Wols (1913-1951) and Hans Hartung (1904-1989), who worked in Paris, or Jean-Pierre Wilhelm, (1912-1968), who returned from emigration and formed a nucleus of the German avant-garde with his gallery in Düsseldorf.

Artistic exchanges also took place on a regional level. In Trier, for example, Prof. Erich Kraemer, a graduate of the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris, provided the impetus for informal art in the German Moselle region. Among others, he brought the French artists François Arnal (1924-2012), René Guiffrey (b. 1938), Claude Mancini (b. 1937) and Bernard Mandeville (1921-2000) to the academy in Trier.

In den vergangenen dreißig Jahren entstanden weitere Kontakte und Dozierende der Akademie sowie Künstler:innen aus Trier besuchten oder lebten in Paris, wo sie mit der lokalen Kunstszene in Kontakt kamen und Ideen austauschten. So entstanden Kunstwerke, die einen Bezug zu Paris oder allgemeiner von der französischen Kultur geprägt wurden.

In the exhibition “Paris – Trèves”, various works by lecturers and artists from the Academy’s environment are presented together for the first time. On display will be painting, drawing, photography and space-related installations by Martine Andernach, Rainer Breuer, Silke Brösskamp, Bettina Ghasempoor, Marc Kalbusch, Erich Kraemer, Bernard Mandeville, Edith Oellers, Bernd Petri, Renate Schmitt, Nicola Schudy, Rolf Viva and Pierre Wéber.

The exhibition uses the Trier region as an example to illustrate the fruitful and inspiring art dialogue between France and Germany. While part of the cultural exchange still takes place in the traditional way – with artists traveling back and forth between the two countries – new and different forms of interaction are also presented. In this way, the exhibition at Kunsthalle Trier aims to be a current and contemporary platform for the exchange of ideas and the mutual influence of art.

Silke Brösskamp, Tapete 1 (Ausschnitt)

The exhibition will be ceremoniously opened on August 3, 2023, at 6 pm in the Kunsthalle. Afterwards, the Thirsty Thursday with the KunstliebhaBAR and outside the EKA summer festival on the Moselle – with food stalls, bar and DJ – will take place!